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About us    

Whenever we see circus performers in action, we tend to think that what they do is almost impossible. Right in front of us they seem to defy the laws of physics making us gasp in disbelief. What we do not see on stage though is all the tremendous work and training that goes into it.

"3 Rings" School of Circus Arts is a Washington state non profit organization with a mission to teach circus arts to kids and young adults. Our teachers have decades of experience performing on stages and arenas of world-famous circuses and venues. They are eager to share their skills and experiences with kids and young adults alike.

Sergey Krutikov

Sergey Krutikov, the School founder, is a Gentleman juggler extraordinaire. He can juggle and balance in ways that seem physically impossible! With over 40 years of experience including the Moscow Circus and variety venues all of the world, Krutikov’s performances are incredibly unique, and he is rated as one of the best Jugglers in the world.

Born in 1954, Sergey Krutikov began his training at the age of 10, under the old Soviet circus academia system in Kiev. This very demanding program consisted of: juggling, acrobatics, acting, ballet and many other circus techniques.

Upon graduating from the Kiev State Academy of Circus and Variety Arts in 1979 he was selected to join the world famous Moscow Circus. With this distinguished troupe he performed primarily as an artistic juggler and toured all around Russia. In 1982, he was awarded the Grand Prix of Circus at the Circus Festival in Moscow for his outstanding skill. In 1983, he won the Grand Prize at the Ukraine Arts Festival and was named “Artist Laureate” by the minister of culture. For this award, he competed with artists from all disciplines in Russia.


After winning these awards Krutikov was invited to become a long-term performer at the Kiev Music Hall. With the Kiev troupe and also as a solo artist he performed nightly in Kiev and also toured all of the major cities in Russia and many European countries, including Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Portugal, Cyprus and others.

Peter Pitofsky

Ever since running away from his home in New York City and joining the Ringling Bros Circus, Peter Pitofsky has been delighting audiences worldwide with his zany combination of slapstick comedy, uncanny timing, and improvisational shenanigans.


Peter's expansive comedy background includes street performing on the infamous Venice Beach boardwalk, working the comedy circuit at the L.A. Comedy Store, The Improv, Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle and San Francisco, and Palazzo in Europe. Peter's malleable face and willingness to do anything for a laugh have earned him opening slots with some of comedy's heavyweights including Mel Brooks, Jay Leno, Penn & Teller, and more. 


Most recently, Peter has been making people laugh until their sides ache in sold out shows in Europe at Palazzo and CabaRAE in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Charly Castors

Charly Castors -- a fifth-generation circus artist. His specialty: risley, foot juggling, acrobatics and comedy. 

Charly's career began when he was 11 years old when he made his debut in the circus ring. Since his debut Charly has travelled around the world working in circus, dinner shows and revues including 11 years working for Teatro ZinZanni as an original cast member in Seattle and San Francisco. He delights children of all ages as  Professor Loco in the kids’ Zinzanni shows performing as the foot juggling, science sharing, ukulele playing, crazy dancing character. Also, he has directed four evening Teatro ZinZanni shows and has conceived several of the performers’ acts. Currently he is settled in Seattle.

Charly serves on the Board of the Moisture Festival, gives workshops in Acrobatic & Slapstick  including "Put Your Act Together" and  "Find Your Funny Bone " in SANCA (Seattle Aerial and New Circus Arts), Teatro ZinZanni and Versatile Arts.

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